Adhesive line

Historically the glues for construction were obtained from animal tissues working parts of bones, hides and connective tissue to obtain a substance used for adhering between their surfaces composed of different material. The technological revolution has allowed us to produce synthetic glues of thermosetting and thermoplastic properties. unthinkable In the case of the Forkoll glues, Forkoll, the search for innovative technological materials has enabled excellent results in any material (stone, wood, ceramic, terracotta, etc..) And for the production of sealants seal for hydraulic use, requestet a lot for the construction of swimming pools . The adhesives Forkoll with powerful adhesive properties and excellent performance when applying, are requestet a lot. In many cases, experience can help, and in particular applications may need the advice of a consultant Forkoll which is able to suggest the product with the best price/quality value, depending on the size and surfaces to be bonded, the time available for bonding, the cleaning of the parts, the temperature of use and place of application. The adhesives already provide excellent performance in terms of torsion, chemical resistance or waterproof, but only if used properly.

SuperBond F5

Adhesive for tiles and stones for interiors.

Ceramic tiles on concrete vertical and horizontal internal and external environment. mixed with forlatex is ideal for swimming pools and refrigerators.

ExtraBond F15

Adhesive for tiles and stones for interiors.

fast hardening hydraulic adhesive for new rough plaster and screeds. High adhesion and thixotropy, easy to use, non-toxicfrost proof. Excellent workability.

ExtraFlex B2

Adhesive for ceramic tiles and natural stones with increased adhesion.

High performance adhesive powder with mixed binder single component for new rough plaster and cement screeds, old substrates tiles.


Adhesive and smoothing in powder for isolation panels.

Bonding and smoothing of isolation panels of polystyrene or polyurethane on external and internal surfaces of all building typology, old and new. Supports brick and thermal brick, mixed masonry or stone, concrete, concrete blocks or tufa, predalles, old and new plasters.

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