Additive line

Additives are substances used to give consistency to the product to which they are associated. in the formulation of paints, finishes and protective coatings those are added to increase the dispersion of the pigment. Additives FORKOLL have the characteristic to improve the film formation and viscosity; increasing salt-stability of the paintings and their brilliance, water resistance and resistance to rain and are also used as antifoaming substances or thickeners. Due to their mode of operation, the polymer dispersions are ideal for bonding, refine or protect objects from possible events that could ruin them. From the research, chemical and field, made in a decade of work, has reached a level of highly effective performance. The system of processing and storage, especially with the quality of the basic products chosen by FORKOLL for the full range of its products, allows the company of Salento to confirm his position as one of the leading producer of chemical substances and wallcoverings.



Treatment of old and new walls with problems of humidity and of efflorescence and as anti-salt treatment before the application of INTOSANA dehumidifying plaster.

For X33


Degreasing primer for supports where the adhesion is critical, (smooth walls, tile, etc.). suitable for indoor and outdoor use.


Elasticity adhesive latex for cement mixes.

Additive for the laying of all types of ceramic tiles including large format, heated floors, refrigerators, outside coatings (facades, swimming pools, balconies, terraces), of prefabricated structures, concrete (bearing panels, prefabricated bathrooms, walls in systems to "tunnel"), on flooring (ceramic, marble, terrazzo, wood, etc.)., asphalt, natural stones (marbles of all kinds, slate, etc.).

Forsial A B

Passivating coating for reinforcing bars.

For-Resin L2

Resina per il consolidamento di intonaci, malte e rasanti.

In use of all cases in which it needs to improve the resistance of plasters, mortars and plasters and consolidate the bedding mortar of old walls before restructuring.

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